When Is It Better to Take Private Driving Lessons as an Adult?

Driving lessons for adults can be a good choice for those who have moved to a foreign country and need help adjusting to new rules of the road, for those who have had many tickets and accidents and who want to now lower their insurance premiums and for those who just can't seem to master their driving skills. Whatever your needs for driving lessons as an adult, consider when it may be a good choice to invest in private lessons rather than signing up for a class.

When you're downright afraid of getting behind the wheel

If you're one of those people who is downright terrified to drive, it can be good to get personalized, private lessons versus learning in a class setting. An instructor can go a bit slower with you and ease you into new driving skills so that you're comfortable behind the wheel and more sure of yourself before you get onto a highway or start driving in heavy traffic.

An instructor can also note how this fear may be hindering your driving; for example, you may be so tense that you forget to check traffic next to you when merging or may overreact to the movement of other cars in traffic. Whatever the case, having this personalized instruction can be the best way to get over your fear of driving so that you can easily make your way through traffic and become a confident and skilful driver.

You've been in a number of accidents

If you've been in a number of accidents in the past few years, you don't want to assume it was always the other person's fault or that there was nothing you could do to avoid that accident. This may be true for some cases, but driving defensively is part of safe driving, meaning that you should be able to anticipate what other cars will be doing when on the road and react and respond to certain driving hazards to avoid a collision. Getting one-on-one instruction can help you to learn this type of defensive driving in particular, rather than spending too much time concentrating on basic driving skills.

This one-on-one instruction can also make it easier for you to concentrate on what is happening in the road around you so you can better hone those defensive skills. Being able to focus solely on other drivers, traffic patterns, and other such factors can make it easier to respond properly so you become a better defensive driver all around.